We loved this entry from 11 year old Kasia Hughes!

Dear All,

As you may know we have an age limit on the Red Carpet Green Dress contest but I was blown away by this super sweet entry from 11 year old Kasia Hughes. So I simply had to share it!

Hello my name is Kasia.

I saw your Green Dress competition in my InStyle Magazine. I’m a very keen designer and have been waiting for an opportunity like this for ages. I have been designing dresses since I was eight. I started designing my dress and then went onto your website. I wanted to enter but at the end it said you had to be eighteen or over to enter. I’m only eleven years old.  As I am unable to enter and have already designed my dress I thought I would send you my design idea anyway.

Information about the dress:

This dress “sustainable stream” is eco friendly! The main bodice is lagoon blue. As it is quite a fitted dress there would need to be some darting to take in the exces material. The material would be hemp silk. As it is February when the oscars are on (I found out) hemp silk would be perfect because it is thick. At the top of the bodice there is delicate, wavy turquoise peace silk. It gives the bodice a feature so it is not so plain. The skirt is shredded hemp silk. It would have many layers. The colour is white with occasional flashes of silver and pale blue. To go with the dress I have designed a clutch. It is identical to the top of the bodice so turquoise peace silk. It would have metal clips. It is matching the top of the bodice because if there was more of the turquoise on the bodice it would make the dress too busy so putting to on the side makes it more a main thing.

The story behind the dress:
I have been in The Atlas Mountains in Morocco for half term. I have seen a lot of streams, rivers and waterfalls. Inspiration took me.  The top of the bodice is the waves representing the start of a stream. The main bodice is the water flowing down the stream.  Then it suddenly hits the waterfall which is the skirt. The waterfall is white not blue because the water is crashing. It has signs of water which is why pale blue is there. And the silver is to show the sunlight glistening on the water.

How inspiring is that?

Samata Xo

Message to Red Carpet Green Dress 2013 entrants!

Dear Entrants

I wanted to drop you a message and thank you for entering Red Carpet Green Dress. The judges are making their way through the entries and as soon as they have a winner we will let you know!

The standard of entries are so high this year so they are taking their time to look through all of the sketches to ensure the right winner is selected.

In the meanwhile please do let me know if you have any other enquiries on info@redcarpetgreendress.com or connect with me on twitter here:   @samataangel.

Many thanks!

Samata Angel

Global Campaign Director