Some of the things to expect this year!

Dear All,

I am so excited! We have just confirmed our exciting judging panel for the contest this year!

Suzy Amis Cameron Wife of James Cameron, founder of Red Carpet Green Dress and co-founder of the MUSE School Ca

Zem Joaquin Founder & CEO of

Lewis Perkins, The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Our fourth judge will be a surprise fashion industry guest and mentor to our winning designer. Read more

Missi Pyle – My Red Carpet Green Dress experience

It was such an incredible honor for me to be involved with Red Carpet Green Dress. Going to the Oscars for me, as an actress, has always been a life long dream. To be able to go this year being a part of an Oscar nominated movie in a socially conscious dress made it truly an experience of a lifetime. People asked me if I was nervous to wear a dress I had never seen nor did I have anything to do with picking out the design of. It was actually quite the opposite. I was so thrilled during every part of the process. When I initially saw the design sketch. I couldn’t believe it. It was literally one of the most gorgeous designs I have ever seen. Then each part of the process was really exciting. From the first muslin fitting to watching each piece of the bodice come together. Then the final fitting. Oh my god. I felt like Cinderella.

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